Njivice, Island of Krk

What to do on the wonderful island of Krk

Here's everything you need to know about Krk: from history and culture to an array of events and activities, great beaches, top local specialities and must-see attractions. Book accommodation on Krk.

Island of Krk

The most visited north adriatic island

Krk is the easiest to reach of all Croatian islands, owing to a bridge that connects it to the mainland and an airport near Omišalj. Its diverse landscape offers numerous possibilities for an active holiday, whether by enjoying the sea or exploring the impressive cultural heritage of its charming towns. Krk is also home to the Glagolitic script, Croatian nobility and spectacular cuisine. Walk the Camino Krk pilgrimage route, explore the shepherds’ paths and 300-kilometre-long cycling trails, take a mud bath and savour the unique Vrbnik Žlahtina wine.

Top 5 island attractions

  • Krk's old town with cathedral and Frankopan Castle
  • Košljun Islet near Punat, a forest reserve and a cultural heritage site
  • Hiking on the Moon Trail above Baška
  • Tasting the Vrbnik Žlahtina wine
  • Camino Krk pilgrimage route

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Aminess Hotels & Resorts in Njivice on Krk Island

Active-holiday seekers who wish to stay right next to the gorgeous Krk beaches can choose one of our campsites Njivice, close to everything they might need.



All shades of green and blue for a perfect family holiday

If you're looking for a retreat far enough from tourist crowds, Njivice is a true forest paradise where time seems to stand still. This small fishermen's town in the north-western part of Krk lies in a peaceful green cove by the translucent sea. Nothing will sooth your soul like watching sunsets, seagulls and passers-by: camping in Njivice will get you into an easy-going vibe!

Top 5 experiences in Njivice

  • Seaside yoga in the shade of trees
  • Hiking, running and cycling on the Kijac Panoramic Trail
  • Stand-up paddling at sunset
  • Fish dishes and a glass of Žlahtina in local taverns
  • Family picnic at the Jezero Bird Reserve


Where the trade routes meet

Historians say that the island of Krk was inhabited by the Illyrian tribes about 1000 BC, followed by the Greeks and the Romans who were drawn to its ideal geographical position. The Romans left behind invaluable heritage, such as the ancient town of Fulfinum near Omišalj – definitely worth visiting! Christianity was adopted as early as the 5th century (Croats inhabited this region in the 7th century), as evidenced by a large number of churches on the island. The towns of Krk and Vrbnik boast admirable heritage, including castles, left behind by the famous Frankopan Counts of Krk – a noble family that can be traced back to the 12th century.

Top 5 historic sites

  • The ancient Roman town of Fulfinum from the 1st century and the early Christian complex of Mirine near Omišalj from the 5th and 6th centuries
  • The Frankopan castle and fortified walls of the town of Krk
  • Dolova, an abandoned village in a magical forest near Dobrinj
  • The Church of St Donatus, a magnificent building with a dome near Punat
  • The Church of St Jerome in Stara Baška, surrounded by a mesmerising landscape above the Zala beach


Home to the glagolitic script

If you come across some unusual letters while exploring Krk, it’s undoubtedly the Glagolitic script, dating back to mid-9th century. Krk is proud to be the home of the Baška Tablet – invaluable proof of Croatian literacy, containing an inscription in the Glagolitic script and weighing an astonishing 800 kilograms! Much of the island’s cultural heritage can be credited to the Frankopan family, whose members were mostly renowned governors, writers and warriors. They were protecting the island, looking after its administrative matters, and nurturing the Croatian language and tradition.

Top 5 cultural heritage sites

  • Replica of the Baška Tablet in the Church of St Lucy in Jurandvor, where it was found in 1851
  • Gradec, an abandoned castle of the Frankopan family near Vrbnik
  • Košljun Islet near Punat, a historical heritage site with a Franciscan monastery
  • Baška Glagolitic Trail with 34 stone sculptures
  • Ethnographic collection in Kornić near Punat

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From north to south: never-ending adventures

The island of Krk is so much more than just a sunny seaside destination. Adventure seekers will be excited to learn of numerous excursion options, from a visit to Biserujka Cave to scuba diving in the tranquil deeps. If you choose to go south, be sure to climb the Moon Plateau above Baška. Nearby you can find magnificent mrgari, flower-shaped dry stone walls. Adrenaline junkies will be thrilled with a wakeboarding adventure at the Cable Krk sports centre or with a slide down the Edison zipline. If you're a fan of cycling or hiking, there are plenty of trails: just get going and let the nature lead the way.

Our recommendations

  • Cycling along bike routes stretching for 300 km
  • Swimming and diving along pristine pebble beaches
  • Edison Zipline or Cable Krk ski lift
  • Hiking to the Moon's Plateau above Baška
  • Aquarium, terrarium and a tropical aquarium in the town of Krk


Seasonal gems of the mediterranean

From asparagus in April to cod in December, there's always something good cooking on Krk! Visit some of the numerous gourmet events, join the Krk Bike Story, walk the Camino Krk pilgrimage route, revisit the past at the Evenings of Ancient Cuisine in Omišalj, and relish seasonal delicacies at local festivals to spoil all your senses.

Our recommendations

  • Krk Food Fest – in April and May at selected island restaurants
  • Black Sheep (Crna ovca) – an early May event in Baška, revolving around sports, music and Baška lamb
  • Krk Summer Events – in the town of Krk in July and August
  • Eat and Drink Fest (Popi' i pojedi) – a summer festival of wine and local specialities in Vrbnik
  • The Krk Fair and the naval battle – in the town of Krk in August, on St Laurence's day
  • Krk 'n' Roll MTB Marathon


Our top 5

  • Beach of the Aminess Atea Camping Resort (Njivice): a pebble beach in the shade of pine trees, where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, a view of the island of Cres and the entire Kvarner peninsula, rent sun loungers and umbrellas, pedal boats, kayaks and SUP boards, have a drink at the lounge bar or a massage in the open.
    Ideal for: families, couples and fans of active holidays
  • Beach of theVeya Hotel by Aminess(Njivice): a pebble and rocky beach right next to the hotel, where you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and boats, or pop in the hotel lounge bar for a quick refreshment.
    Ideal for: families and couples
  • Vela plaža (Baška): one of Krk’s most stunning natural pebble beaches, stretching for 1.8 kilometres and boasting turquoise water and sandy bottom. It offers plenty of amenities for the entire family.
    Ideal for: everyone
  • Oprna (Stara Baška): a secluded beach with a combination of sand and fine gravel. You can reach it by boat or on foot, following a narrow path, to find true enjoyment in the sun and crystal clear sea. And there is a great beach bar, too!
    Ideal for: adventure seekers and couples
  • Klimno Cove (between Rudine and Šilo): a beach known for its healing mud and exceptionally shallow sea, ideal for kids to play and make sandcastles. Have your little ones cover you with mud and turn you into a living piece of art!
    Ideal for: children and adults


Delicious seasonal flavours

If you’re a true foodie, Krk is the right place for you: from appetisers with sheep cheese and prosciutto, perfectly pairing with local olive oil, šurlice and makaruni (handmade pasta), to octopus, shrimps and lamb, Krk’s cuisine offers luscious seasonal flavours. Sip a glass of Vrbnik Žlahtina, famous local white wine, and don’t turn down tasting local brandy and dried figs for a long and happy life.

Top 5 dishes you simply must try

  • Krk prosciutto and cheese with a glass of Vrbnik Žlahtina
  • Šurlice or makaruni pasta with žgvacet sauce
  • Krk lamb
  • Kvarner shrimps
  • Wild asparagus
  • Presnac and povitica, traditional Vrbnik pastry


Blessed with 2,500 sunny hours a year

The island of Krk, also known as the Golden Island, guarantees one of the sunniest holidays in Europe. It has a mild Mediterranean climate, with an average summer temperature of 25 °C and the average sea temperature of 24 °C. The winds of bura, jugo and maestral bring a refreshing feel, while the bathing season lasts from May to late October. Owing to the favourable climate and a diverse landscape, some 1,400 plant species can be found on the island – almost a half of the total number recorded in Croatia!

Climate characteristics

  • Warm summers with minimum rainfall and the sea temperature around 24°C
  • Bathing season from May until late October
  • Refreshing maestral often blows during the summer months
  • Pleasant springs, mild autumns, windy winters

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