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During warmer months of the year, all Aminess’ destinations in the Adriatic host a myriad of interesting events. Visit gourmet festivals dedicated to fantastic wines and food that will let you peek into the world of the Mediterranean cuisine. Join sports competitions with fellow participants from different countries sharing the same passion. Or enjoy impressive music performances to connect with people through this universal language.

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Travelling offers you a glimpse of different customs and lifestyles. It’s an opportunity to hang out with the locals, understand their take on life and hear some insider tips for a more fulfilling travel experience. One thing is certain, there is no better way to feel the heart and soul of our destinations than taking part in their festivities.

Events in Novigrad

We’ve poured all our passion for food into Aminess Wine&Gourmet Nights. These dinners are an opportunity for you to sample top delicacies at our restaurants, prepared by Istrian star chefs led by David Skoko, with participation of prominent regional winemakers. Wine aficionados have two more Novigrad events to choose from: Wine and Walk by the Sea and Wine Trail, another fantastic opportunity to taste the best wines of our terroir. Music fans will be thrilled with jazz and music nights, runners with the Novigrad Cittanova RUN race, and children with street performer festivals and stargazing with telescopes. Tons of fun for the whole family!

Events on the island of Krk

There's always something cooking on the island of Krk! The spring and the autumn days bring popular sports and gourmet events, while in the summer you can attend festivals and events that combine concerts, performances and local produce such as šurlice pasta, lamb, asparagus and figs. Another must-visit festival is one dedicated to Žlahtina wine. It's really worth the trip to Vrbnik, and while you’re there, be sure to pass through the narrowest street in the world, located in the town's centre. Cyclists are invited to the MTB marathon, and hiking enthusiasts to the Black sheep event in Baška.

Events on the island of Korčula

Experience unique events on Korčula, many of which are held only on this magical Mediterranean island. On of them is moreška, a romantic sword dance taking place in the town of Korčula for many years now, and kumpanija, held in Blato and Smokvica. Korčula’s cheerful residents will serve you seafood specialities paired with fine Pošip and Grk wines at summer wine festivals and fishermen’s evenings. Folklore evenings are an ideal opportunity to listen to Dalmatian klapa multipart singing and check why it has earned its place on the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

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